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If you are a male, or a female who doesn’t enjoy period talk, I’d advise against reading this.

This period is going to be the death of me like wtf reproductive system i think you’ve gotten your point across now, I kNOW I AM A GROWN HUMAN FEMALE.

I wasn’t sure when this month’s cycle was going to begin because I didn’t mark last month’s, so it’s been a really fun guessing game. Like okay, I’ve been expecting it to happen for like a week and a half now, and today I’m supposed to go swimming (did i mention i love going in the pool it’s my favorite thing) AND OF COURSE I STARTED THIS MORNING.

AND AND AND I don’t use tampons so this is fun

THE CRAMPS ARE TERRIBLE brb taking an alieve

someone please tell me a period story so we can complain together

ok sorry that was gr oss b ye

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  2. echosiriusrumme said: One day I participated in a lock down drill, and my period decided to start that morning. Typical, right? ;D We also got 1 lame sandwich for lunch, so I wasted the day away w/ cramps and hunger pains. Absolutely terrible! :/
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    Um. This is the story of my life.
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    ugh poor you I’m being spared from it since I had surgery recently and I didn’t react too well to the anesthesia and I...
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  6. a-world-of-tagonists said: I got my first period the same day i got my braces on. Yah.
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  8. emilythesithlord said: I don’t like using tampons either, so I feel your pain. :( My friend and I always referred to it as TOM (Time of Month) so we could complain about it like: “UGH Tom is giving me such a hard time today, I’m having trouble being happy about anything.”
  9. kittiled said: YOU’RE NOT ALONEEEE. I started yesterday, and now all I want to do is curl up in a little ball and cry. The cramps usually start before the blood starts waterfall-ing down, and when they hit, I LITERALLY CAN’T MOVE WITHOUT FEELING SICK TO MY STOMACH
  10. lacertaoctavus said: I started today too IT’S ALRIGHT I DON’T WEAR THOSE DREADED THINGS EITHER AND IM SUPPOSED TO DO FUN WATER THINGS. Also I’m always random (every other two months to maybe twice a month every month) it’s hell but that’s my mystical system D:
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  12. agentpiku said: Try eating a shit ton of food (chips, sweets, salts, BREAD) and then cry with someone and then after the no-reason bawling watch a movie or play videogames with someone :D Works for me lol
  13. queenteags said: I was on this BC pill that screwed up my cycle, and I didn’t have a period for 6 months. Then on my new pill, ON THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, it begins. Let’s just say I didn’t miss it. ;__;
  14. askamda said: The first time I had my period, I didn’t know it was my period, and I was at a Christmas party with my dad. I insisted we had to go to the emergency room because I was dying, but I wouldn’t tell him why. The whole party found out.
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    YOU WANT A PERIOD STORY?!? YOU GOT ONE, JAMIE. My eriod does not come on every month. Maybe once every two months....
  16. aliscare said: Aw man, I’m so sorry. I don’t use tampons either! Wow, finally someone else who can’t stand them! But I feel your pain; my dad loves tropical vacations and it feels like every time he plans one it lands on my period. It doesn’t help that we scuba dive.
  17. indycatify said: Once I went for 3 months without my period, when it finally did start it was like 3 periods worth of pain at once. I had to take 2 days off from work, My doctor prescribed birth control to regulate so that would never happen again.
  18. slimepc said: i feel u this always happens to me. oh god no nononono thE PAIN.
  19. superkani said: Periods are shit man. I usually become this disgusting emotional ball of what whenever it happens. I watch a bunch of romcoms and movies that’ll make me cry, to cope. And then I stuff my face with salt and sugar and laugh uncontrollably.
  20. ambiguouslywriterly said: OH GOD, that’s happened to me before. OTL;;;
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