A Single Chicken Nugger

Jamie/Jim-Jam/Jammy/JIMBLES | Moon Jellyfish | 16 | FL.

Prides myself in having the same birthday as Dave Strider. Personal/Art/Cosplay/Multi-fandom Blog. Seer of Time ♐ Instagram is @jamiepie1997~My Cosplay Tag!~

YouTube wants to tell Blogger…he’s just afraid right now.

I don’t think they like the idea of that pairing…

YouTube’s bio

Wonder who Blogger might turn to next?…

Here’s my version of each popular website—personified into humans. Originally, this was 5 different drawings, but I combined them, so the quality is kinda crappy (my apologies. >.<;;)

I added youtube’s “weird side”, too. XD;

Who’s YOUR favorite?

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